The Guardian of Okinawa is the 31st Chapter of Beast Wars, introducing Wind-Rider.

Chapter SummaryEdit

The chapter opens up in the night of Okinawa, Japan with a mysterious figure fighting a band of thugs in the slums of Okinawa, later this morning the Maximal Pretenders and human associates making their way to Okinawa Port. They are greeted by Konoka, who is happy to see Foxfire, surprised to see her and the others in human form. As the class are making ready to stay at a hotel, they are all greeted by limos, all hired by Konoka, who graciously asks them all to stay at her temple home.

Arriving there, they are all greeted by a welcome party of priestesses, as well as a big feast in honor of their friends arrival. Namely Justin and his friends, which surprises Justin's entire class. They run up to him, and ask how he knows a girl like Konoka. Trying to come up with an answer, Konoka cheerfully answers that Justin was a study-buddy online.

That night, the girls, being Jackfoot, Foxfire, Toni, Aelita, and Konoka, bathe together in the girl's bath that night, talking about one another. Konoka congratulates Foxfire with a hug, hearing the news about Foxfire and Cheetor starting a relationship. But Konoka asks Aelita if she and Justin have started one yet. The blue-haired girl denies such a thing, stating that they are just good friends. But Konoka simply winks and states that the best relationships are always the ones that blossoms from friendship. On the subject, Foxfire asks what happened to Konoka's friend, Setsuna, who works at the temple. Konoka becomes saddened, stating that she had died a month ago, saying that it was due to Opium.

Elsewhere, in a mansion not too far from the Konoe Temple, a businessman named Makoto Takeyda, plots in secret with thugs on taking the Temple that night. However, in calm anger, he states that they better not bungle this one, saying about a White Ninja interfering with this 'transaction'.


  • This chapter is based on the Rurouni Kenshin episode arc, involving Megumi and the Oniwabanshu.

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