A powerful and fearless warrior, Optimus Primal appointed Tigatron to patrol the northern polar sector, where he roams in his beast mode. When he encounters Predacon activity, he is capable of transforming rapidly and reconfiguring his titanium tail into a powerful quasar cannon, which he then uses to vaporize his enemies! Additionally, he sports a toxic fluid blaster, which renders anybody struck by it completely useless.


Beginning of the Beast WarsEdit

Tigatron was one of the many protoforms in stasis pods until he was awakened by the Axalon crew, alongside Air-Razor. During their first battle with the Predacons he found Alex and brought him back to find other humans within the mountain, but to discover what Aelita really is as the 'key'.


Robot ModeEdit

His robot form is a grownup version of Cheetor, except he was light green, white, had bright red eyes, and what looked like details of a white tiger for his Beast Mode.

Beast ModeEdit

His beast form is a Siberian White Tiger and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal white tiger.

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode is the same as Cheetor's Flight mode but with flip out thruster wings.


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