Twisted and warped, Transmutate (also Trans-Mutate) is a Transformer in name only. The damage done to them by their troubled birth has rendered them unable to transform, and reduced their mind to infancy, leaving them utterly innocent in personality and able to grasp only simple concepts. Their trusting and curious nature is both a boon and a handicap.

Transmutate's distorted frame conceals almost unbelievable destructive power in the form of a super-sonic scream which can leave all but the hardiest victim out cold. Their simple mind means that many of its capabilities remain unknown, even to itself, and they will express surprise when, for instance, they find they have the ability to flyyyyyyyyy.

Man, I am tellin' ya, the things coming out of these pods is just getting weirder and weirder.

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Voice actor: Susan Blu (English), Haruna Ikezawa (Japanese), Xu Lin (Chinese), Luca Bottale (Italian) «less

Transmutate's stasis pod was one of many aboard the Axalon and at some point crashed from Earthorbit in seismically-unstable Grid Deltron. The heavily-damaged pod later became uncovered by the region's earthquakes and Transmutate explosively freed itself. Presented with the choice of Maximal or Predacon, it hesitated and when Inferno accidentally shot it, it unleashed its sonic scream. With the Maximals out of commission as a result and feeling he'd found a kindred spirit, Rampage lost no time in befriending Transmutate. Though Megatron failed to see the value in the mutant and wanted it destroyed, Rampage intended to prove it a worthy ally. He and Inferno persuaded it to act as bait for a trap for Silverbolt. When Transmutate was reluctant to finish off the Maximal, Inferno pushed the creature aside and was promptly blasted into the distance for his troubles.

Optimus Primal arrived and, defeating Rampage, persuaded Transmutate to return with him to the Axalon for a scan. The results were discouraging—Optimus felt that it was a danger to itself as well as those around it, Rhinox suggested putting it into stasis lock, and Silverbolt was the only one to speak up angrily in its favor. Walking through the base alone, Transmutate heard Rampage calling to it, and opted to leave the Axalon to join him.

Silverbolt quickly found the pair and immediately came to blows with Rampage. Transmutate tried to get them to stop, landing between them right as they each fired missiles. Transmutate blazed with power as it tried to halt the missiles, but was shattered in the resulting explosion and, though its consciousness lingered for a few moments more, its spark was extinguished.