Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo (born October 17, 1967) is a Canadian actress and voice actress.

In the realm of anime, she played Samantha Taylor (originally Sonomi Daidouji) on the Cardcaptors adaptation of Card Captor Sakura, the female Ranma on Ranma 1/2, Tiger on Saber Marionette J and Milerna Aston on Vision of Escaflowne among others. In western animation, a few characters that borrowed her voice were Jean Grey on X-Men: Evolution, Jinx on G.I. Joe Valor vs. Venom and Ninja Battles, Crita on The New Adventures of He-Man, and Princess Lana on Captain N: The Game Master. On-camera, she had small parts on the TV shows Stargate SG-1Masters of Horror and Dead Zone, among others.

She has an awesome name.

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  • Blackarachnia